Kids playground for climbing

Children’s playground is an area where elements of street street gaming equipment are located that promote physical and mental development.


Cycle tours are one of the best types of active sports, which allows you not only to stay in perfect shape, but also to visit a lot of interesting places, enjoy the surrounding landscapes, and breathe fresh air.


1.Bren. Marshut: S.Oryn – Chapel on the mountain of Breniv (Total length – 3.2 km, Set height-250 m.) The highest point is 735 m. Duration-1 hour (one way).


Archery is an arts or practical ability to shoot at the target (or range) using the arrowhead arrows.
The arts of archery arose in the era of the late Paleolithic or early Mesolithic. The oldest finds associated with archery are dated from the VIII-IX centuries BC.


In addition to routes based on historical and cultural heritage, there are also sports and recreational routes, which include overcoming the route in an active way, without the use of vehicles, relying solely on their own.


An ideal family vacation in the winter is a holiday in the countryside, surrounded by fresh air and beautiful winter landscapes, which is compatible with active games and entertainment. One of the most beloved winter entertainment is skating.