SPA and health improvement

SPA and health improvement



The only Turmanian Hamam in Ukraine. Ergonomic sunbeds repeat the shape of your body. Thanks to Turmania, infra-red heat that penetrates deep into the body, warming it and healing from the inside


Warm jacuzzi in the open air overlooking the charming mountains


The purpose of a lymphatic drainage is normalization of circulation of a lymph and blood in an organism. And it, without exaggeration, – guarantee of health. Firstly, stagnation of blood is fraught with many, even dangers of death to the person. Secondly, where stagnation, tissue do not receive neither oxygen in the necessary quantity, nor nutrients, only worsens condition of the patient. The lymphatic drainage is necessary for each of us.

Bed of hardware
massage N-5.

(1 session –
90 UAH)

Massage on N-5 – reflexotherapeutic, unique, in the equipment there are three projectors under your back that work at once:
for cervical, chest and lumbar departments of a backbone. Rollers from a turmaniyevy stone softly and carefully smooth a back from a tailbone to a nape.
Muscles of a back and neck relax, the spasm and pain disappears. Cauterization and acupressure improve blood circulation, stimulate exchange processes.Hands and legs get warm on thermal turmaniyevy blocks. Blood circulation improves, joints are revitalized, fatigue disappears.

Care of feet

(1 session – 90 UAH)

Care of feet with “The second heart” massager NM-55 helps to revitalize an organism and to restore the lost energy.
The massager influences on biologically active points (acupuncture), when pressing on them, work of internals improves and restored.
“The second heart” can cope with fatigue and weight in legs, hypostases, spasms. Contrast massage (heat / cold) on NM-55 strengthens walls of vessels, strengthens venous outflow.
The device for feet reduces stress, intensifies blood circulation, improve immunity, promotes removal of toxins from an organism. “The second heart” massager strengthens the foot arch that is prevention of flat-footedness.

Manual massage

Massage is a good way for a relaxation and improvement of an organism in general. Even one session can improve functioning of an organism. Include massage in the system of body care and the result will not be long in coming.

oak barrels

150 UAH

200 UAH

Thermal oak barrels stand straight outdoors. Admiring the romantic views, inhaling the aroma of parched grasses, you will realize for a moment that they have found a small bunch of paradise already here on earth. Who knows, may it push you to look for that heavenly paradise.

Phyto-pump room

1 week
250 UAH

Phyto-pump room – we offer healing healing extracts of Carpathian herbs created by ancient recipes and cooked in special extractors “KYUNGSEO” (South Korea). Extractors “KYUNGSEO” are leaders in herbal medicine. They allow you to transfer the healing properties of the herbs directly to the hot cup of your healing drink.

pool with
mineral water


Swimming pool with mineral water

Source “Naftusya”


The source of mineral water “Naftusya”. The source is a product of the entire Ukrainian people and is open for free to anyone who wants to use it. The source is very rich in minerals, so please consult with your doctor if you plan to drink water for therapeutic purposes.